Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series

Ann “Doc” Simun
August 2, 2018

Team Doctor, Support Staff, Mental Health Guru, Monster Mechanic and general all round bad ass.  If it need fixing… call her.

Crew Chief David Huggy Fears
David “Huggy” Fears
August 2, 2018

Crew Chief Extraordinaire, Huggy feels the pulse of the car, the crew, and everything in the pit.  When the car is pumpin’ and bumpin’ 250 and NOT making ash trays… it’s because of him.

Head and Valvetrain Master George Huntisinger
George Huntsinger
August 2, 2018

Right side engine specialist and valve tuner junkie. George of the Jungle is happiest while snorting straight nitro.  He Doesn’t even cry. Seriously… no tears.

Charles Dohs
August 2, 2018

Front car guy, social media, PR, website, and diesel fuel specialist.

Head and Valvetrain Specialist Richard Dohs
Richard Dohs
August 2, 2018

Left side engine specialist, fan of Rockstar, and invaluable member of the team.

Michelle Front Car
Michelle Ascue
August 2, 2018

Michelle takes care of the back half of the car, is our weather analyst, and packs a mean chute!

Clutch and Driveline Master Richard Jake Jacobsen
Jake Jacobsen
August 2, 2018

From raisins to almonds to NITRO Jake the Snake is the best clutch man EVER…babe.

Dan Horan
July 5, 2017
Biography Dan Horan is an American professional funny car drag racing driver who drives The Patriot Top-Fuel Funny Car.  With numerous career event wins and the 2014 Nitro Funny Car National Championship to his credit, he aspires to continue his winning ways for many years to come. EARLY LIFE Born and raised in the suburbs...