Dream Season?  Perhaps…

uhhhh… yeah definitely.  LOL

The headline is only the beginning of the story.  Infinity Plumbing, Barry’s speed shop, and Lucas Oil… we could not have done this without you.  Your unwavering support was critical to our success this year. Thank you Andy, Barry, and Brandon.

Thank you to The fans!

They make it all worth it.  The yelling, the screaming, the ooos and ahs, the red eyes and coughing when the Nitro hits them in the face.  Car people, our people, gearheads.  Most of all… the kids.  Seeing the light in the eyes when we sign autographs and sometimes even put them in the cockpit!

Thank you to Our Families… all of them!

They allow us to do this.  The crews, the driver, the sponsors, the media people.  There are literally hundreds of family members behind the scenes that support our passion for going fast, breaking racecar parts, and the smell of Nitro!  They put up with long nights in the shop,  long weekends, long WEEKS, scratchy phone calls home from who knows where, and the cussing and moaning that comes from busted knuckles.  We love you for allowing us to do what we love to do. Thank you.

Winning Combo

Dan Horan and Pete Kaiser winning Combo
Winning Combo

Winning the Championship!

Ask any professional racing or athletics team about winning and they’ll all tell you the same thing.  “Winning an event (or game) is hard but winning can be achieved with proper planning, preparation, talent, and dedication”.   Those same professionals won’t even comment about winning a championship.  Mostly because they know that there are so many intangibles involved over the length of a season that can cause those championship plans to go awry.

While every team goes into the season thinking they can win an event, you don’t really know until you line up against a real competitor and the light turns green.   It’s the same way with a championship.

You start off the season thinking, hoping, praying, that you have a shot.  Confident that you can turn the right knobs, dial the right tune up, and adjust air pressures to rotate the earth on any given Sunday but, stuff still happens.

The 2021 season marked a very special occasion for the Dan Horan Racing Team with Driver Dan Horan and Crew Chief Pete “Fritz” Kaiser.  Racing against each other early in their careers they decided to team up to take on the field in 2020 because “it just felt like the right thing to do”.  With a new car, new program, and new attitude in 2021, they won THREE Events (March Meet, Tulsa, and California Hot Rod Reunion) and ran runner up in TWO others to clinch the title!  You can read the whole story on the NHRA website here and remember to scroll to the bottom of this page to see the final 2021 Championship clinching run!

Looks like it worked out.

As for next season we’re just going to focus on “proper planning, preparation, keeping talent, and dedicating ourselves to just winning one event at a time”.

Family matters… 

THREE generations of racing from both sides of the lanes guide this team, racing fathers to racing sons, and now to racing grandsons. Both the Horan and Kaiser names are synonymous with drag racing and its history dating back to the 1960’s.

Feeling as though she was guided by the spirit of Curly himself, The Digger Dan Tribute Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster did her job all season.  Curley would be very proud of the team as well as his legendary work ethic, competitive drive, and can-do winning attitude marked everything he did in racing., those same things are hallmarks of this team.

The Crew...

So many people, so many hours, so much time.  Blood, sweat, tears.  Broken bones, bloodied everything, lack of sleep, NO sleep.  Road hours, airport hours, Covid masks, broken flasks.  Hungry, tired, missing home.

Wouldn’t miss this for anything!

Thanks for everything Crew, see the images below.

2021 Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship run!

A special thank you to our partners….