Our Mission:
Neuropsychology Partners is a multidisciplinary practice that specializes in
compassionate, thorough, timely, and personalized  service to help children and
teens with learning differences, medical and behavioral issues, and educational
needs achieve the best they can through detailed assessment, consultation, parent
support, outreach, training, and case management.

Our Services:
Neuropsychology Partners is dedicated to helping parents and educators bring out
the potential in each child by understanding their strengths, challenges, behavioral
and learning differences and helping to create educational and treatment plans to
maximize their development.

Our People:
The staff clinicians at Neuropsychology Partners includes parents incluing parents of exceptional or dual exceptional children.  We are dedicated, experienced professionals, we are compassionate and caring, treating every client like the individual they are.

Our interns, post doctoral resident, registered psychologists, and support staff have been specifically selected due to their expertise and training related to our mission.

All services are delivered by or supervised by Dr. Ann Simun, licensed psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist, and school psychologist.



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