Accommodations Available for

High Stakes Testing

Students with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Dysgraphia, Test Anxiety, and other issues can qualify for test accommodations at school, college, university and on high stakes testing such as the College Boards, ACT, and others.

If you or your student run out of time for schoolwork and tests?

Do you have trouble getting your words down on paper?  Do you get low test scores even when you know the material you are tested on? Are you distracted when testing, and scores do not show what you know?  Do you get nervous and have your mind “blank out” when taking tests?

You might have a qualifying condition that would permit accommodations for exams in school and for “high stakes” testing such as College Board, ACT, etc.

Students with needs may be allowed additional time, extra breaks, a quieter setting, a scribe, larger print, and assistive technology, depending on their needs.

If you have a qualifying condition, accommodations testing may be the answer to underachieving.



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